About Us

Let hear our story!

We are an association that aims

  1. To provide support and foster a sense of togetherness among the Thai students at Ohio University and strengthen our sense of community among ourselves and other members of the larger Ohio University community.
  2. To serve as cultural ambassadors of Thailand and raise awareness of Thailand and Thai culture among the student body at Ohio University for the purpose of fostering cross-cultural understanding and fellowship.
  3. To further development leadership skills, collaboration and cross-cultural interaction.

Meet our leadership

Our organization is run by these talented people with the support of our lovely members.

Past executive boards
  • president's profile picture

    Angelina Goniea-Richards


  • vice president's profile picture

    Saruda Seeharit

    Vice President

  • treasurer's profile picture

    Krerkkiat Chusap

    Treasurer / Developer

  • faculty advisor's profile picture

    Jeffrey Shane

    Faculty Advisor


Eariest known Thai alumni we found in the record is from year 1952. We belived that the "Thai Club" were established back in 1970.

Spreading Thai cultural awareness
20+ years
Annual community service
8+ hours
Assets under holding (we wish 😅)
$119 trillion

Contact Us

Have a big bag of money you want to get rid of? Want to personally make a feature request to our developers? Wanting to complain about how hot Thailand is?

You can reach out to us with your compliments 💖 at info /at/ tsaou [dot] page.